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The Itinerary for Day 4 was:

In Xianyang Municipality, there are tombs of 28 emperors and one empress who collectively ruled China during the period from 206 BC to 900 AD. There was only one woman ruler in China's history - Empress Wu Zetain (624 to 705 AD, pronounced "woo tser tain"). Her mausoleum is named Qianling (pronounced "chee-an ling") and is shared with her husband Emperor Gaozong (628 to 683 AD).

Image 1. The mountain on which Qianling is located has three peaks. The main peak contains the hidden burial chamber. There is a broad roadway running between the main peak and the other two. Approaching the main peak there is a large square pyramid on either side of the roadway. These square pyramids form a gate, or entrance, into a ceremonial zone.


Image 2. On either side of the south end of the roadway are the two lesser peaks with a sentinel tower on each. When approaching Qianling and viewing it from a distance, the towers appear as nipples on softly rounded hills.


Image 3. Qianling took 23 years to build.
On either side of the roadway there is a row of huge stone statues of animals and people.


Image 4. A stone statue of a government official.


Image 5. Behind the left square pyramid is a group of 61 headless stone statues representing leaders of the Chinese minority groups and envoys from friendly countries who came to Emperor Gaozong's funeral. They are "headless" because local people were fearful of them and cut their heads off.


Li Suying shows newspaper article. Li Suying points to an article in "Xianyang Daily" reporting on the activities of the important Delegation from Moreland. Li Suying is the English Section Chief in the Xianyang Foreign Affairs Office.


Reception by Zhang Liyong, Secretary of the Xianyang Committee of the CPC

Image 6. The Xianang Party Secretary, Zhang Liyong, welcomes the Delegation from Moreland. He is informed about each Delegation member and welcomes each individually.


Image 6. The Xianyang Party Secretary, Zhang Liyong, with the Delegation from Moreland.


Image 6. The Party Secretary, accepts the credentials of Cr. Higginbotham as the Moreland Ambassador to Xianyang.


After meeting the Party Secretary, the Delegation went to the Shaanxi Textile and Garment Institute, a TAFE level college catering for the textile and garment industries which comprise one of Xianyang's major industries. The Delgation had been told that in the order of 70% of the employees at the No. 2 Cotton Mill (visited on Day 2) had studied at this College.

Shaanxi Textile and Garment Institute

Bill board. Bill board advertising the Shaanxi Textile and Garment Institute.


Image 8. Meeting with the Principle and senior staff of the Shaanxi Textile and Garment Institute.


Students' works. Viewing a display of students' works.


Image 11. Students learning to thread a spinning machine.


Fibre laboratory. Robert with students in the laboratory for testing fibres and fabric.


Justin assesses fit on model. Justin is interested in starting a fashion line. Here he assesses the fit of two designs of a student.


Image 14. Image 14.


On the Thursday evening the Delegation had a dinner given by Xun Xinrong, President of Xianyang People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, together with staff members of the Foreign Affairs Office.

Toast to Xun Xinrong. Anthony Helou toasts Xun Xinrong.


Image 16. Director of the Xianyang Foreign Affairs Department, Tian Yihong, with Anthony and Peter.


Peter toasts Tian Yihong. Peter toasts Tian Yihong.


Master of Ceremonies. When Tangning Xiansheng is Master of Ceremonies everyone has to give a speech.


Li Suying giving a speech. Section Chief, Li Suying gave a speech saying how pleased she was in looking after the Delegation.


Peter gave a speech. Peter delivered a very fine speech.


Li Bo gave a speech. Interpreter Li Bo gave a speech.


Bai Yunfeng. Interpreter Bai Yunfeng. Was he making an observation about Simon's sensitive spot?


Mr. Tian, Robert and Li Bo. Mr. Tian toasts Robert. Has Li Bo seen something in the soup?.


Image 24. Image 24.


Acknowledgement: The photographs displayed on this web page were taken by members of the Delegation from Moreland, but it is difficult to attribute individual photographs.

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